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Announcements - Day 6
GOD Slugar
70 Rookstayer
on 2019-08-26 13:28:59
Day 6
Finally, the long-awaited and promised Warzones are ready to see the light of day! Although the idea of these Warzones is not an original idea, but due to our improvements, they will bring to the game many interesting aspects that will provide you with additional entertainment. To start Carlin Outlaw Society quest, explore locations north of Carlin, near Humphrey, you will find Rene Bisguard who will guide you through the rest of the quest.

By joining the Carlin Outlaw Society clan, you have the option of helping members of the clan perform the tasks they have commissioned. You get Outlaws Supply Bag, 1 Minor Token and 5 Reputation Points for each assignment. Reputation is needed to get higher ranks and unlock new missions, including locations (currently there are 4 ranks). The last, ie 4th rank, opens the way to Warzone 1 - dungeon with the Boss. Minor Tokens may be exchanged with NPC Carin Smith for valuable items and a new unique outfit.

Kasteria team.
98 Elite Knight
on 2019-08-26 15:46:23
And the paladins..?
I don't see any item that will power up paladins... hope to see new weapons or ammo soon ;)
Desert Quescik Aye
19 Paladin
on 2019-08-26 16:10:24
Remember that warzone boss drops NEW WEAPONS/ROD/WAND for our characters, so better start making them now ! :)
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